Julia Bürge

One Happy Podcast #6

  Listen to what our one and only Colombian volunteer did in her 2 and a half months on the island. Laugh with us about what’s going on behind the scenes of our Podcast production and in the end Aimerance will talk with us about her daily tasks and her work in One Happy Family. 

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One Happy Podcast #5

This Episode is all about the One Happy Family currency the ‘Drachma’. What is Drachma? Where does this name come from? Where can I use Drachma? How many Drachmas do I need for a tea or a coffee?  How does the new recycling idea for the café work? How much costs a shampoo? What do

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One Happy Podcast #4

This episode is all about the volunteers.  We chat with Sam, who volunteered in One Happy Family for 2 months. If you want to know how your time as a volunteer in OHF could look like, listen to Sam’s stories, experiences, laughter and statements. We also asked Aimerance, who works in the Café how she

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