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November 2022

People found handcuffed and beaten on Lesvos - the inhumanity at Europe's borders continues, at the same time the Victoria Community Centre becomes
more and more a focal point for people on the move in Athens.

We grieve and stand in solidarity

We grieve and stand in solidarity
Situation in Greece

ShipwrecksOur hearts are, once again, broken for those involved in the two fatal shipwrecks which occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, 6th of October 2022 off the coast of Lesvos and Kythera. A total of at least 27 dead have been recovered, but people are still missing. We grieve for the lives lost and the missing, and for …

Take care of each other and ourselves

Take care of each other and ourselves
News from One Happy Family

Mental healthOn the 10th of October we celebrated the world's mental health day. Caring for our mental health can be difficult at the best of times. Often, our lives are so full of varying stresses, responsibilities and alternative focuses that caring for our own mental health, and that of those around us, can drop to the bottom of our priority …

Always there when you need him

Always there when you need him

Meet Lars! Lars just left OHF after volunteering with us for 3 weeks. Either in the cafe, at the welcome desk or on the rooftop, Lars was always around to help wherever someone was needed! When asked about why he decided to come to OHF, Lars said: 'I wanted to get an insight into the situation here in Athens and …
Content: Catherine Mosley, Jael Tobler, Johanna Käser
Date: 30.11.22
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