One Happy Family


October 2022

While many different parts of the world are in a crisis, OHF tries to continue
to be a safe environment for people on the move in Greece.

Destroyed, fenced or soon not existing homes

Situation in Greece

Fire in Mavrovouni CampSeptember 27, there was information on social media about a fire in Mavrovouni Camp on Lesvos. A blaze set several containers on fire, luckily no one got injured. However, some people lost their belongings and paper which is a hard set back, as it is very complicated for asylum seekers and refugees to get official papers replaced …

Working together gets you forward

Working together gets you forward
News from One Happy Family

Updates from Victoria Community Centre and our Partners It feels like just yesterday when we first met with Silvia and JB from A Drop in the Ocean at Victoria Square to discuss a potential collaboration. Now, at Victoria Community Centre, we’ve been working as main partners since March 2022. A Drop in the Ocean aims to improve the daily lives …

Catch Ups and Rooftop Updates

Catch Ups and Rooftop Updates
Pictures of the month

Last week the OHF team, alongside those from our partner organisations, came together for an evening of conversation, food and music on our wonderful rooftop space here at Victoria Community Centre.Between busy schedules and important meetings, it can sometimes be hard to catch each other, so events like these are crucial for everyone to come together, exchange ideas and ultimately …

The new multi-talent in our security team

The new multi-talent in our security team

Meet Mahdi! Mahdi works as a member of the security team here at OHF and has been with us for just over a month. A regular attender of OHF when based on Lesvos, Mahdi decided to work with us when he came to Athens, and can usually be found greeting visitors at the Welcome Desk with his big smile. As well …

Creating art with a smile

Creating art with a smile

Meet Emma! Emma, an art therapist and textile designer from Scotland, volunteered with us in the summer. With her calm, friendly, helpful presence; open mind and big heart, she worked at the Café and re-started the art table, where she facilitated kids and adults alike to express themselves through arts and crafts.Fariba, who worked very closely with her, says: “She …

You ask us, we ask you

What can you do?

Ask us a question:What would you like to know about people on the move and/or about their Situation in Greece? Are you interested in anything particular? Tell us what you do:Do you also work together with people from other countries of origin, do you support asylum seekers in any way? We are curious to hear from you and will try …
Content: Isabelle Kaufmann, Bridget Chivers,
Catherine Mosley, Jael Tobler, Johanna Käser
Date: 04.10.22
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