One Happy Family


June 2022

The Victoria Community Centre is taking off with more projects and visitors.
And this month, for the first time, there was a team workshop in Athens
with all those involved in both Greece and Switzerland. So, despite
the difficult financial situation, there is hope for the future of OHF.

Many things raise questions

Situation in Greece

Living in AthensFor the last few years, the transfer from the Aegean islands to Athens was viewed by many as something positive, as they could finally leave the hell of the camps in the islands behind them. However, this transfer, officially organised or independently, did not have a positive effect for many. After the transfer, some got a place in …

Many new offers and visitors

Many new offers and visitors
News from One Happy Family

COMMUNITY CENTER VICTORIA Always something newDuring the month of May, the number of visitors to the Victoria Community Centre has increased steadily. More and more drinks are being served in our café and the atmosphere is livelier as people play games and chat.The growing number of visitors is also related to the fact that more and more of our partner …

Discussing OHF core values together

Discussing OHF core values together
Pictures of the month

On the weekend of 14 and 15 May a small miracle happened: the whole coordination team and the board of the Swiss association were together in one place for the first time in 5 years. The event was a two-day workshop led by MAPS to better define our structures in the organisation and align them with our core values.The weekend …

All the best for you, Fifie

All the best for you, Fifie

Our coordinating team member Fifie says: OHF will always be my home. And we say: You will always be an important part of this One Happy Family, even though we had to say goodbye to you, a very valuable team member, this month. Our dear Fifie has decided to leave the coordination team and move on. And we would like …

OHF: a place for lessons, homework and coffee

OHF: a place for lessons, homework and coffee

​​Meet the family: Najibula Najibula is one of our regular visitors in the Victoria community center, ever since Drop in the Ocean started offering their education programmes to the community here in Athens. He is a dedicated student who attends English lessons with them. He is from Afghanistan and has been in Greece with his family for more than 3 …

Volunteers and donations needed!

What can you do?

As you have read, our community center is receiving more and more visitors, so we are looking for volunteers again. If you are interested or know someone who would like to support us in Athens, you can find more information on our website. But above all we are still dependent on your financial support. We are saving in different areas, …
Content: Sifiso Khumalo, Jael Tobler, Johanna Käser
Date: 01.06.22
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