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April 2022

An eventful month at OHF has come to an end. There has been a lot of movement,
emotions, last times and first times, new and old. After this exciting time,
we are very happy to finally announce the opening of the Victoria Community Center!

Equal rights for all!

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Apparently no evidence foundAfter four months of independent investigation, the Greek National Authority for Transparency has rejected any allegations of illegal push backs of asylum seekers trying to reach the country. The reports of Lighthouse and a wide consortium of European media, who analysed over 600 videos last year, made headlines internationally. They identified masked men in action pushing people …

Two locations, one goal

Two locations, one goal
News from the Community Centre

March has been a busy month for OHF! Soon after bidding farewell to our beloved community centre on Lesvos and the hand over to Europe Cares with a wonderful event that felt like old OHF days, the team went to Athens to work on the preparations of our new community centre: OHF Victoria Community Centre, which will be run in …

First visitors at OHF Victoria Community Center

First visitors at OHF Victoria Community Center
Pictures of the month

As told in the ‘News from the Community Centre’ section, we welcomed our first visitors last week. It was wonderful to see the Community Centre getting livelier by the day, and of course we could count on the great support of our One Happy Family. Ernest was at the newly installed reception and welcomed the first visitors. Fisher served the …

All this was OHF Lesvos

All this was OHF Lesvos
Inside the projects

Suppliers at OHF LesvosOHF Lesvos wouldn't have worked successfully without the collaboration with local suppliers. Leontis, amongst others, provided OHF with food and cafe supplies.Their efficiency has been incredible. Fifie, one of the coordinators, says "Back then, when we were still cooking, if we noticed that our freshly prepared food wouldn't be enough for the people in the centre, I …

Fundraising events are back!

Fundraising events are back!

On March 15, we were able to host an OHF fundraising event for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak! The fundraising event took place at the HeuBühne in Meilen ZH, Switzerland. During this evening, one could get general information about the topic of fleeing and the related facts and figures in an exhibition or look back on the last …

Financial and political support

What can you do?

Support the free shopIf you can donate 24 Euros, we can support 50 people with salt. With a 44 Euros donation, we can provide toothbrushes to 50 people.With only 52 Euros, we can put sugar packages in 50 food bags.Your 60 Euros donation supports 50 people with a bag of rice.An 80 Euros donation can provide condoms for 50 people, …


Media Updates

“No longer afraid to speak up” - A woman tells her story  Six Years of EU-Turkey Deal visualised by the ICRC
Content: Zeynep Kökkaya, Sifiso Khumalo, Julia Bürge,
Isabelle Kaufmann, Johanna Käser
Date: 01.04.22
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