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February 2022

Big news from cold Lesvos. Packing takes place while everyday life
at OHF and the precarious situation of the people on the move continues.

Another winter brings much suffering

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Arrivals and Departures in LesvosFrom the 1st till the 23rd January, there have been 116 arrivals via sea to Lesvos. In that same time period, 53 people departed to the mainland. There are currently 2,325 refugees and asylum seekers that still reside on Lesvos. 87% of the 2,325 are living in Moria 2.0. Men account for 50% of the population, …

Many changes at OHF

Many changes at OHF
News from the Community Centre

Big News! We have some exciting updates for you about our projects in Greece. We recently made the decision to rent a property in Athens for at least one year with the goal to provide an open community centre to the asylum seeker and refugee population living in Athens. The place is located close to Victoria square, an area which …

OHF is packed into boxes

OHF is packed into boxes
Pictures of the month

As you could read under "News from the community centre", we have decided to move to Athens. Of course, such a change of location brings some logistical work. In order to be able to use as many things as possible from our centre in Lesbos in Athens, many things are already being packed into boxes. For example, some computers for …

A bit of dignity through clean laundry

A bit of dignity through clean laundry
Inside the projects

Meet one of our long term partners: The Lava Project! It is a medical laundry facility which started out working with the medical actors working inside the camp, supporting them in their efforts to get rid of scabies. Currently they are washing the bedding and clothing during bed bug outbreaks at the camp as well as clothes and other items …

A spanish ping-pong and covid-testing expert

A spanish ping-pong and covid-testing expert

Meet Gustavo! Gustavo is our fantastic and funny volunteer from Spain, who has been with us at OHF for 3 months now. Here, people call him Moustafa, because it is a Farsi name. Before volunteering, Gustavo was a visitor at OHF, and since those days, one of his favourite things to do at OHF is to play ping-pong with everybody. …

Support OHF and TLP

What can you do?

To start and run our new center in Athens and keep our free shop on Lesvos running, we need your support! Find information on how you can donate on our website https://ohf-lesvos.org/en/donate/ Or if you would like to support the important work of our partner “The Lava Project”, you can donate online under https://thelavaproject.org/donate-now/Also directly to their Greek bank account: …
Content: Nicolas Perrenoud, Zeynep Kökkaya, June Calvo,
Bridget Chivers, Johanna Käser
Date: 30.01.22
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