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One Happy Family


January 2022

What a year! Throughout the year of 2021 many challenges have
appeared, nevertheless One Happy Family always looked and also found
ways to continue supporting people on the move.

Another year in the camp

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

2021 on Lesvos in a nutshell 2021 started with a stronger attempt from the Greek authorities to censor NGOs and make working with asylum seekers, migrants and refugees more difficult. OHF had to handle this hurdle and re-register in Greece, but luckily thanks to the hard and detailed work of our volunteers in Switzerland and on the ground in Lesvos, …

Thank you for another year full of new ideas

Thank you for another year full of new ideas
News from the Community Centre

Update Shuttle Bus As announced in the last newsletter, we owe you an update regarding the shuttle bus. We are happy to announce that there is now a bus from the camp to OHF and back twice a day from Monday to Friday. This should enable our visitors to reach the Community Centre dry during the wet and cold season, …

International School of Peace closed

International School of Peace closed
Pictures of the month

The International School of Peace (ISOP) has made some understandable and difficult decisions over these past months. Since March 2020, when the school burnt down and the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, many things changed and shifted from what we knew and how we worked. Their ability to fulfil their role in people's lives they way they used to became almost …

You are OHF! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You are OHF! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Inside the projects

Running a community centre on Lesvos and supporting people on the move is not possible without you. Not only are the people engaging with people on the move on the ground important, but all our supporters around the world play a very central role. Without all of you reading this newsletter and all the other supporters, we would not be …

OHF got a new generation


Meet our OHF babies! 👶🏻👶🏼 After long months of waiting, our extended family has grown! We finally got to meet Selin and Hussein. The two beautiful babies of our community volunteers Mohammed and Hosein. Hosein has left Lesvos with his family and the newborn Selin to continue his journey to a better life. We'll give him a virtual but warm …

We fell in love with the project

We fell in love with the project

Meet Arturo and June Our new amazing social media guys from Italy and Spain have been here with us since October. Arturo is a very smiling and charismatic guy. He is very creative and always shows it by coming up with new ideas for the community. Arturo likes to be at the registration or at security to be in contact …

Postcards and Donations

Postcards and Donations
What can you do?

As you read in the section "News from the Community Centre", we unfortunately had to make the decision to offer a more limited selection at OHF. But to be able to do even that, we need your help. We have designed wonderful postcards which you can now buy in Switzerland and Germany. With each card you support a specific project. …

Stay Informed

Media Updates

“People still missing despite major rescue effort as smugglers switch to more perilous route from Turkey” reports The Guardian. Five years of migration crisis in pictures by POLITICO. The Council of Europe announces New Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees: Leyla Kayacik
Content: Bridget Chivers, Isabelle Kaufmann, Johanna Käser,
Jael Tobler, Fabian Bracher, June Calvo, Arturo Tossi
Date: 30.12.21
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