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December 2021

Helping must not be criminalised - that is why we continue to pursue our vision of creating a safe environment where people can be and express themselves freely.

Solidarity with all

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Not enough food Up to 60% of current residents of Greek refugee camps do not have access to enough food because of a halt to cash assistance for asylum seekers and denial of food support to both rejected asylum seekers and recognized refugees. A law that was passed last year came into effect this month and stopped the Greek government …

New and proven

New and proven
News from the Community Centre

Low visitor numbers The number of visitors is dropping- especially because the weather has changed and is getting worse. For the people who live in the camp, opportunities to leave are still unfortunately quite limited. The idea of organising a shuttle bus from the camp to One Happy Family has been proposed. This would enable people to reach 4 places …

Reusable bags from Manroof

Reusable bags from Manroof
Pictures of the month

Manroof supports us with 500 reusable bags per month. Those bags are made out of recycled banners. At OHF, we use those bags at the free online shop. They are packed with the ordered hygiene products and the people come and can pick up their individual orders.  Fifie, our coordination team member who is responsible for the logistics, says: “I …

Meet MVI Greece

Meet MVI Greece
Inside the projects

Medical Volunteers International (MVI), our incredible partner, offer mental health services here at OHF for both adults and children who suffer from severe mental health disorders and mental health complaints. We asked Paolo, the children's program coordinator, to tell us more. “We provide mental health and psychoeducation group activities to children between 3-17 years old. The main goal with the …

Coming back every year

Coming back every year

Meet Romy! Romy is our lovely volunteer from Switzerland. She has been coming back to One Happy Family every year since we opened our gates, which we are incredibly thankful for since she is a ray of sunshine, making OHF a happier place for both our visitors and volunteers. Her favourite things to do here at OHF is the cafe …

Goodbye to our technology extraordinaire and teacher

Goodbye to our technology extraordinaire and teacher

Meet Hosain! This month we said another special goodbye to one of our incredible volunteers, Hosain. Hosain has been with us for more than a year. During his time here he spread happiness and joy to all of our visitors and volunteers. Hosain is our technology extraordinaire. He ran computer classes for our volunteers and visitors teaching them essential microsoft …

Support the NGO Briefing

What can you do?

Support the recommendations for the Members of the European Parliament on how they should improve the situation for refugees and migrants in Greece: read, share and spead the word about the joint NGO Briefing

Read some updates

Media Updates

In the fight between Poland and Belarus, refugees are the ones losing: Read here full article More Background on the “case” against the three humanitarians: Read here at Al Jazeera or watch here more EUROnews
Content: Isabelle Kaufmann, Anna Tiger,
Adam Kenny, Johanna Käser
Date: 01.12.2021
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