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Hot days at OHF

A hot but successful month lies behind us. Thanks to new and old forces,
there is always a lot going on at OHF despite the high temperatures.

Update from everyday OHF life

Our Rooftop
Slowly but steadily, this corner of the building is becoming a cozier space for all to enjoy and the month of June saw the rooftop at its peak!
We hosted a ping pong tournament after which many visitors came up regularly to keep up with the games. Others came to enjoy some alone time or play backgammon at the outdoor café, which has recently been painted. Also, after the gardening workshop and looking after the plants carefully, we have our first vegetables!
It is exciting to see the rooftop used and we cannot wait for it to become a joyful gathering area after the highest temperatures of the summer go down again. At the moment, unfortunately, it is too hot to be there during the day. Here are some pictures of the latest upgrades to the rooftop:
Lunch distribution
Lunch time is the moment when many people gather at the community center's café. Here is a short insight into what the process of serving meals at OHF in Athens looks like every day!
First, we start off by getting the lunch tickets ready for that day. We print and mark them with the day's date before we distribute them at 12:30pm.
Then, we go on to announce everybody when the time for lunch will start.
Later on, we go out to pick up the food! By the time we get there, the lunch boxes have been organized for us to pack them. We get our meals from Saffron Kitchen Project and Project Armonia. Thank you very much!
Lastly, it is time for lunch! The food is distributed along with some coffee, tea or fresh orange juice!
Summer activities
Starting from this week there will be painting classes and other art activities, chess tournaments and dance and yoga classes in our community spaces lead by visitors of the Victoria Community Center.
Our activities at One Happy Family serve purposes in alignment with the community center's primary goal to build a sense of togetherness and community while interacting with each other, share experiences, promote understanding between different cultural groups and build relationships to encourage well-being, combat isolation and foster a sense of belonging.

Team update

As announced in the last newsletter, we would like to introduce our new team members, both in Greece and Switzerland.
Our new co-coordinator is Anna, who works together with Akis, our long-time team member. Anna has taken over Zeynep's responsibilities after a month of induction. We are very happy to have found Anna for this position. She has a lot of experience with community-based projects and work, is very open, communicative and brings a lot of energy and new ideas. Welcome Anna, we look forward to working with you!
A familiar face has also joined the team in Athens. Julia, who was already part of the coordination team on Lesvos, is now responsible for fundraising. We wish you a good start in your new role and are happy to have you, your commitment and your active thinking back in our team.

In addition, as already announced, there have also been changes in the board in Switzerland. This spring, two former OHF Lesvos volunteers, Nora and Anja, joined the board to support the project in this way. We were very happy to find motivated people faster than expected to support us in our vision. We warmly welcome you too!
The whole team in Greece, Switzerland and Germany thanks you very much for your continuous support! Please contact us if you would like to support us on-site, we are always in need of volunteers!
Content: Julia Bürge, Alaia Jorrín, Johanna Käser
Date: 04.08.23
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