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OHF would not be OHF without volunteers

Thanks to countless volunteers, it is possible to realise the idea of One Happy Family. Always full of enthusiasm, whether it's painting, making podcasts or anything else. Many thanks for all the voluntary commitment and support!
On 20 April was International Volunteer Recognition Day! So this month we would like to say a special thank you to our volunteers. Community Volunteers and international volunteers are a huge part of our team at OHF. In fact, they make up over half of us!
Our ethos has always been WITH the people, not FOR the people, and including volunteers from the community or elsewhere in our decision making processes and project development is an incredibly important part of this. In order to develop a space that benefits as many people as possible, and that evolves alongside the needs of those who need it most, listening to everyone’s opinions and hearing new ideas for projects means that we can optimise the support we can provide.
Also among you who read our newsletter are many former volunteers who are spread all over the world. We are forever grateful to all of you, past and present volunteers, who are part of our OHF family, and who have played a vital role in growing our centre in both Lesvos and now Athens. Thank you, and as our family continues to transform and grow, we can’t wait to see what ideas people bring.
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Highlights in April

Happy Easter at OHF!
We prepared 120 gift bags for the visitors at the centre, as a small Easter token.
And over the Easter weekend, we changed a lot of things at the OHF Café. After just over a year at Victoria Community Centre, we decided it was time for a refresh, with the whole team getting involved in adding a fresh lick of paint. The Cafe is now back open, but we’re not quite finished yet… stay tuned for new furniture and a new and improved free library!
Our wonderful volunteer, Bairbre, has begun her audio workshops with some of the visitors at the centre!
With a background in radio documentary and podcast-making, Bairbre is bringing her experience with audio recording to those who would like to learn! ‘Already participants have great ideas on what to cover - music, self-empowerment, the situation in Athens now. I’m totally open to working with whatever ideas people have and showing them how to create a podcast from these.'
With far fewer volunteers coming in and out of the Athens Community Centre (compared to Lesvos), you, our former volunteers and long-time supporters, continue to be incredibly important in helping us keep the Victoria Community Centre in Athens running and strengthening our community!
Every contribution counts and enables us to continue to provide valuable services and activities. Donate today and let's make a positive difference together! Thank you for your continued generosity!
Content: Catherine Mosley, Johanna Käser
Date: 03.05.23
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