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July 2021

While things are miserable for people on the move in Greece, OHF is open again to visitors. Hopefully soon the real purpose can be fulfilled again to the fullest:
Be a safe and positive place.

Situation for people on the move in Greece

General, Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

More movement More and more people are allowed to leave the Mavrovouni camp (Moria 2.0), since restrictions began to lift in June. Many people are also allowed to leave the island, but not on official transfers and unfortunately, not with official documents. This is problematic because they are then stuck in Athens without access to official support. (Hier ein Beispiel, was geschehen kann: Arbeiten …

Reopening for visitors

General, News from the Community Centre

Updates from OHF This month was a big month! We had our reopening for visitors and we’re so happy about it! Slowly there will be more and more visitors able to spend time at OHF. We have a registration system by the gate and currently allow a maximum of 180 visitors on OHF ground a day to keep up with …
Reopening for visitors

New board members

New board members
General, Pictures of the month

One Happy Family was just an idea in Spring 2017 and it has quickly become a place with many different ideas from many people, coming together to create and provide a safe and bubbly space. After a bit of a chaotic start in Spring 2017 more and more people came to help at the newly created Community Centre. Eventually more …

News from the Shop

Inside the projects, News from the Community Centre

It might not look big and organized from the outside, but from this container, we serve around 100 men a day with hygiene packages! “It requires a lot of logistic work and organization to run the shop. We take care of the orders, make sure we do not run out of popular products, and that everyone gets exactly what they …
News from the Shop

"My dream is to use my skills to help others..."

"My dream is to use my skills to help others..."

Meet Hussein! Hussein is from Afghanistan and has worked as a teacher in the CyberCafe with One Happy Family since the fall of 2020. But he has been a teacher and what he himself describes as a “technology fan” most of his life. “I spend all my life learning computer science. I love video editing programming and making websites. So …

Putting a smile on everyones face: Falak


Meet Falak. Falak is working in the Café at One Happy Family. She is serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water, and biscuits to all visitors and volunteers. She has now been working with One Happy Family for more than a year. Falak, who is from Syria, prefers to get just one teaspoon of sugar in her coffee, but says: “Most …
Putting a smile on everyones face: Falak

Some must reads

General, Media Updates

English 16 Greek prosecutors investigate 147 pushbacks Greek (translation via Browser possible) From the Ministry of Immigration, Turkey is designated a safe third country for Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi and Somalis.  German Eine unserer treuen Helferinnen und Vorstandsmitglied vom OHF, Fanny Oppeler, berichtet: “Nach sechs Monaten auf Lesbos: Wie abnormal normal es hier ist” Im Elend des Camps auf Lesbos haben Menschen …
Content: Isabelle Kaufmann, Kirstine Kruse,
Bridget Chivers, Jael Tobler
Date: June 29, 2021
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