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June 2021

While tourists are excited to return to Greece’s sun and beaches,
human rights violations continue to happen in Greek territory
against people seeking asylum.

Overview, May 2021

All, General, Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Situation in Greece Greece opened its borders to European countries as well as Australia, North Macedonia, the UAE, the USA, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and many more. A negative covid test or proof of vaccination must be provided at arrival. The EU is still considering opening its Schengen Borders to world tourism. Currently, 100 people are in quarantine in the Mavrovouni Camp, Moria 2.0, on Lesvos after …
Overview, May 2021

Ready to reopen

Ready to reopen
All, General, News from the Community Centre

The Bazaar and hygiene packs at OHF We finished the distribution of clothes to single men at OHF this month. In total, we served 1,628 men which was a huge achievement! Again, we thank all our partner organisations who helped with the donations, logistics and distribution. Our online shop for hygiene products is still going strong! Last month we completed …

Migrant Bus - on our way to challenge prejudices against refugees

Pictures of the month

Two former volunteers of One Happy Family decided to take on a new challenge and created the project Migrant Bus in France.  The idea of this project is to drive around France and create social bonds between people that would have never met otherwise. We love this idea because it's similar to what One Happy Family is; people coming together …
Migrant Bus - on our way to challenge prejudices against refugees

Meet Ramatulla!

Meet Ramatulla!

For one and a half years now, Ramatulla from Afghanistan has been part of our family. His biggest passion in life is singing and music; you often hear him around the camp humming along to a song.  Before the lockdown, Ramatulla was teaching singing and piano lessons to around 30 students. Every now and then, they would have concerts and open …

Pact on Migration and Asylum, EU

What can you do?

Keep a close eye on the EU’s current negotiations of the Pact on Migration and Asylum. Switzerland is also taking part. 

Some interesting articles...

Media Updates

The Guardian writes on how EU states cooperate to illegally push back asylum seekers at their Schengen borders.  ILGA published their annual review of the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Greece, covering the year 2020.  Der Spiegel has uncovered how close the European Union’s border agency Frontex works together with the Libyan coast guard. 
Content: Kirstine Kruse, Isabelle Kaufmann,
Bridget Chivers, Jael Tobler
Date: 28 May, 2021
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