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One Happy Family


March 2021

In February, despite the ongoing lockdown, many things were going on in Lesvos.
The tents in Mavorouni were finally improved and closed controlled centers were voted on. Over at OHF not only is the online store running smoothly,
but so is a new vehicle that provides a little joy.

Still inhumane conditions

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Covid in Greece and Lesvos To avoid a third wave of outbreaks, a tougher lockdown has been imposed for the whole of Greece with a curfew starting at 18.00 daily. The new variants of the virus strains are spreading in Greece, many SMEs and the closed hospitality sector are suffering, and the hospitals are predicted to be unable to handle …
Still inhumane conditions

Another lockdown-month

Another lockdown-month
News from the Community Centre

This month - another month in lockdown - we want to focus the news for you on our most important achievement: The free online shop. The free online shop kicked off, and so far we have had a great response. Fifie and the team have been putting together the orders and organising the pick-up times. Many of the orders have …

Games on wheels

Pictures of the month

Volunteers spoke of many people crowding around to watch people play a board game, and Gabriella wanted to find a way to help spread this little joy. With a team of interested volunteers, she formulated a plan to build a trailer, to be pulled by bicycle and filled with games for people to loan and play. With the help of …
Games on wheels


Inside the projects

Socks up! Again, many hundreds more safe passage socks are worn in this world, this year in green/red. We wonder where you are spreading the word about "safe passage" and would love to receive photos and greetings from our happy socks! Send us a mail to fundraising@ohf-lesvos.org or post the picture and tag us. Also important, there are still some …

An integral part of OHF


Meet AliAli is an integral part of One Happy Family. He started as our Cyber Café manager in 2019 and has been with us ever since. He is held in very high regard by all of his colleagues and always seems to be helping someone; translating for a neighbour, visiting a sick friend, listening patiently when someone needs to talk, if someone …
An integral part of OHF

Keep an eye on Frontex and fill out our survey

Keep an eye on Frontex and fill out our survey
What can you do?

Keep an eye on FrontexSwitzerland is part of Frontex. Since 2011, we have contributed with people and money. We should use our voice within Frontex to make the concerns about illegal pushbacks heard and demand consequences: the stepping down of Fabrice Leggeri, Director of Frontex. He blocks external investigations, regardless of the evidence presented by NGOs, media reports by the …
Content: India Ashworth, Isabelle Kaufmann,
Bridget Chivers, Jael Tobler
Date: February 27, 2021
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