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Another lockdown in Greece resulting in a more dire situation for the people in Moria 2.0. OHF had a great first week in November being open, however we are currently “online”.
We are ready to reopen as soon as possible.

Lockdown, an overview of 2020 and more

Situation on Lesvos and in Greece

Lockdown in Greece Since the beginning of November, Greece has been under a complete lock-down, with the restrictions expected to stay in place for most of December. Although the refugee camps were under an unjustified lockdown long before this, the second lockdown has affected its residents especially hard. Not only are basic “services” at the camps cut back, but also …

OHF "online" and in Athens

News from the Community Centre

Lockdown 2.0 As said above, all of Greece went into a second lockdown on the 7th November. We were much more prepared going into this second lockdown. In the couple of days leading up to the lockdown, the team on the ground topped up phone credit for our community volunteers, and provided warm clothing, headphones and laptops so we could …
OHF "online" and in Athens

Graffiti artwork

Graffiti artwork
Pictures of the month

Harry, an old volunteer from Better Days, is currently making our containers at OHF much more colourful with a surprise graffiti artwork on its way. As you may remember, our previous two containers were right next to each other, and the School of Peace used the back of the containers as a safe area for children to play in. The …

Life at One Happy Family - when open

Inside the projects

For many weeks until the beginning of November, the One Happy Family has been bubbling over again and an important part of this is the many projects of our partners. Some have started again after a long dry spell, some are completely new and some have moved their location to us. Back and full of energy is The International School of …
Life at One Happy Family - when open

"I hope that the new camp will be evacuated and we see a better response from the EU."

"I hope that the new camp will be evacuated and we see a better response from the EU."

Today we want to share some words from Ingo, who has volunteered twice with OHF: “I arrived on Lesvos in August this year, and I stayed for three months until October. This was a bit different to my previous time. Firstly, I had to self-isolate for the first 14 days. I was also used to OHF being open and having …

Support options & info about the EU Migration Pact

What can you do?

Give relief and support for Christmas Some ideas for donations to organisations in which we trust and with which we collaborate. Support the rule of law: the Legal Centre LesvosEmpower refugee women: Glocal RootsDonate for unaccompanied children: Together for better daysSupport for LGBTQI*: Lesvos Lgbtiq+ Refugee SolidarityEnable sport’s activities: Yoga and Sports for RefugeesDonate for freshly washed clothes: The Lava Project Of course, you can …

Interesting articles of this month

Media Updates

Notes of despair In the ashes of Moria a note book of social workers was found. Its content reveals the sad reality of their everyday work in the safe zone for unaccompanied minors. Greece Is Weaponizing the Coronavirus Vice reports from Chios in full, striking details. European Money for Closed Camps SamosToday reports on the EU financing the camps. A child dies in European Waters, …
Content: Isabelle Kaufmann,
Bridget Chivers, Jael Tobler
Date: 28.11.2020
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